Reel Intros

Get a well produced introduction…

Great for starting Actors who do not have footage for an Acting Reel!

In this session we film you here at the studio and you will formally introduce yourself, your work and all the things that make you special.

This is a great way for Casting Directors, Talent Reps & Directors to get a feel of who you are before they meet you.

Watch the Sample:

Talent that has video of themselves is much more likely to be called in because there is less guesswork involved. If the Casting Directors know what you look like ‘on-camera,’ what you sound like, how you talk & how you act it’s a much easier sell than just a headshot.

You’ll just give a little background info & maybe demonstrate some of your skills or characters that you play. If you have no video material to showcase, this is a perfect start! We work with kids too!

Prices start at $150. You can add a monologue or a commercial clip to your slate to create the perfect video package for $260.

This video will be loaded to your NYCastings Resume Page and you’ll get all the formats for your use as well.

Let them see you ACT!



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