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Reel Services specializes in creating high quality video & audio materials for professionals in the entertainment business.


Watch people that are working – Really Working – in the entertainment business, and you’ll easily see master marketing skills at work. Successful performers market themselves better than anyone – utilizing many different media outlets and that’s a huge reason why they work.

In short, we think having video & audio reels is the single greatest way to showcase your talent when you can’t be there in person.

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Services that we offer:

Acting/Hosting Reels

All of that footage that you’ve got on DVD, VHS, Mini-DV, etc.– we take that footage cut it down into your best moments and produce an impressive finished Actor’s Reel. The job can be a simple edit to a robust multi-media reel with music and titling!

Our flexible rates depend on what the client is looking to have done with their footage. There are NO HIDDEN FEES. The price of one’s reel will be determined based on the amount of time and clips a client has to work with. Starting Price is $310 for a reel no more than 3 minutes. Anything over 4 mins is an additional $20 per minute because it takes longer TIME to export and compress the final product.

We can edit as many clips together and will include 2-3 hours of sit-down time with the editor as we help build your reel. Every client walks away with : 1 dvd with a menu, 1 QuickTime file, and 1 web formatted file. You have 3 different versions of your reel to distribute however you wish.

Everyone’s reel differs depending on what they want. If you want something flashy and more like a trailer of your work, we can create an exciting introduction to your reel (including any photos/head shots/ads) or  a closing to add to the end of your reel for an additional $25.


Commercial Reels -$220, 2 Min. Max


Includes Quicktime movie file for email 640×480, plus original file on data disk, NYCastings file and DVD Copy. Any other sizes for example:  Youtube, Vimeo, IMDB or Casting Networks it an extra $10 each.

Monologue  / Commercial or Scene Tapings

$65 each taping.
Includes Quicktime movie file for email usage, NYCastings file and DVD quality file all on a data disk so you can upload and share your videos yourself.

Combination with Slate and 2 tapings of your choice is $260.

Film a REEL

Rates start at $200 – Depends on where the location of the shoot will be and how many scenes you would like to shoot. Typically each scene is no more than 1 Min.  Call for more information!


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Shoot a sceneVoice-Over Reels

$90-$200 – Edit past V.O. work together or we can help you create a Voice-Over demo CD/mp3 package, even if you’ve never done one before.

Audio Conversions

$50 – All formats converted into MP3’s.

Video Conversions

VHS, DVD, Mini DV, links from youtube videos all converted to whatever format you need – DVD and internet files. Starts at $50 per clip depending on length. Extra $30 for editing per scenes. Can be more depending on the extent of editing and if video is over 3 mins.

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